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Your Harmonica, Your Signature
The Signature Harmonica Tuner

Tuning a harmonica shouldn’t be that difficult, right? If you strip away the theory and terminology, and the unstructured advice found on the internet, it's not that complicated. The Signature Harmonica tuning app removes the complexity and ambiguity and presents you with only the information you need, so you can tune your harmonica with confidence and ease.

Grab a 10-hole Richter-tuned diatonic harmonica and try it today.

Introducing Signature

Why Signature

Do you need Signature?

The current state of the art in harmonica tuners are simple chromatic devices and apps that can be used for a range of instruments and require you to measure each chamber individually at a specified reference frequency. Many diatonic harmonica models have an adjustment applied to each note, called a temperament, so the harmonica sounds good when playing chords and single notes.


The Signature Harmonica Tuner is the first and only tuner designed for Harmonicas. You don’t need to know about reference frequencies or temperaments to get started. All the notes are measured and logged automatically, one after another to make the capture process fast, easy, and less prone to error. You can switch reference frequencies and temperaments after the measurement step and quickly see the effects it has on the tuning adjustment required, features that help beginners learn the art of harmonica tuning awhile providing professional harmonica technicians the flexibility they require.


  • The first and only tuner designed specifically for Harmonicas

  • Includes a catalogue of the most popular Harmonica Brands and Models and a default temperament for each.

  • The Capture screen guides you the measurement of each note

  •    The Results page displays a visual representation of the reed plates and a comprehensive table that shows in detail how the tuning was calculated. Just tap the reed you need to tune. The Results page can be printed for your reference.

  • * The Reed Wizard is an easy to use visual guide to tune your reed.  You tune until the reed turns green, or choose to accept its current tuning as the new default.


  • Makes tuning very fast and easy

  • Requires no experience to get started

  • Helps clarify confusing terminology

  • Supports professional technicians by design

  • Improves the accuracy of the pitch measurement

  • Produces a comprehensive illustration of the state of your harmonica before and after tuning.

  • Allows you to easily tune each reed, as well as generate your own custom temperaments when desired.

  • Easily to  keep your entire harmonica collection in tune and performance ready.

  • You can use Signature to quickly determine the tuning  of a harmonica

System Requirements

  1. Works on smart phones, tablets and computers with a modern browser

  2. Requires a device with a built-in or external microphone

  3. Designed to work online or offline

  4. An email address to register

  5. A valid Credit/Debit Card or Paypal account

Getting Started

Getting Started

When you first join Signature, you’ll be taken directly to the Harmonicas screen, where you’ll be able to enter the details of your harmonica you would like to measure and tune. Select your Harmonica Brand, select the Model, select one or more keys from the dropdown and click on ‘Add Harmonica Set’. A Harmonica Set is a collection of Harmonicas of the same brand and model with multiple keys. Once a Harmonica Set has been added, you’ll notice that the Tuning Wizard link has become enabled.

Purchase and Pay

Two Ways to Purchase, Two Ways to Pay


​For a very low one-time cost, you can use Signature for 24 hours. You’ll only be able to store a single harmonica set. You can pay by either the Try Before You Buy or the Premium Subscription with either a Credit or Debit card, or by PayPal, in US Dollars, Great British Pounds, or Euros. If you have a promotion code for discount, you’ll be enter it once the payment screen is displayed, on the left-hand side, under the subtotal amount.


If you prefer to have unlimited access to Signature, the Premium subscription is a great choice. You’ll be able to store 12 harmonica sets; as the average harmonica model has more than 12 keys available, you’ll be able to store more than 144 harmonicas. Please show your support and consider a Premium Subscription. You’ll also have our guaranteed not to increase the price of this level for the next three years. During the first 3 months after Signature in launched, we’ll be releasing weekly bug fixes and new features. After that period, we’ll be releasing at least every three months.

Purchase and Pay

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a harmonica that’s not a 10-hole Richter-tuned diatonic, can I use the Signature Tuner?
    We’re only launching with 10-hole Richter-tuned diatonic harmonicas. But every week for the first three months we’ll be adding new harmonica models, some of which will have fewer and more than 10 chambers and new tunings. We’ll also be letting you create your own tunings and temperaments and share them if you’d like. After that, we’ll be adding support for Chromatic harmonicas, and if there is a demand, Tremolo, Bass and Chord harmonicas in due course.
  • Does the Signature tuner work on Smart Phones?
    Yes, although at launch we’re limiting the use to Tablets and Laptop/Desktop computers. Support for Smart Phones is one of the first releases we have planned after launch.
  • When starting tuning process, I first played a wrong note, then slurred the note at first when I played it. Should I start over?
    Signature has a patent-pending algorithm that eliminates the bad and slurred notes. Have you ever used a simple tuner and noticed that when you play a note, the pitch changes slightly at the start and finish, and have you wondered when exactly is the best point to take the reading? Signature eliminates the guess work, eliminating the attack and decay pitches of the played note.
  • Does Signature help me physically tune reeds?
    No. Signature won’t tell you what tools to use and how to use them.
  • Now that I have Signature, why would I need to use a professional harmonica technician?
    Technicians do a lot more than just tune you harmonica. This app does not replace the need for good gapping, reed alignment and profiling. These are skills honed over many years by expect harmonica technicians. Tuning a harmonica is not for everyone. It requires patience, precision, special tool and skills. Even you don’t want to work on the harmonica yourself, making the capture and then sharing this with your favourite harmonica technician will help them do a better job of tuning your harmonica.
  • The Signature Tuner has indicated to my optimsied reference frequency is 443 hz, but I’ve been told I should tune my harmonica to 442 hz. Should I set the reference frequency to 442 hz?
    John Cook, a renown UK harmonica technician, has for a long time used and taught a system of determining the fewest number of reeds that needs to be tuned, superb engineering practise. Signature takes John’s optimisation to the next level and suggests the optimised reference frequency of a harmonica. But of course, if you insist on tuning your harmonica precisely to a specific reference frequency, you certainly can.
  • Does background noise effect the tuning measurement process?
    Yes, for the best results, you should tune your harmonicas somewhere that is relatively quiet.
  • Can someone demonstrate Signature over Zoom or other messaging application?
    No. Some computer will not let you share the audio system between two devices. We have found on those that do the reading readings are not accurate.
  • I have a good idea for a new feature / I’ve found a problem / I have a question, what should I do?
    Email us at

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